Domestic and Foreign Trade

Domestic and Foreign Trade

There are many factors that are effective in the planning of success in both domestic and foreign trade. While some of these factors can be controlled (procurement and production costs, sales and distribution costs, marketing and advertising costs), it is difficult to control some of them (price level in the target market, supply and demand situation, competition level, market conditions, political and geo-political developments) and this makes it increasingly difficult for the healthy and sustainable course of the manufacturing and trade processes of industrial products and services. 

Therefore; it is necessary to build “accurate domestic and foreign trade strategies”, to constantly review them and to perform them in a dynamic structure by stretching in the right direction and form. Here, As Lynx Global A.S.; no matter the scale of your business, by proactively optimizing all these processes in the field of domestic and foreign trade, to ensure that your company and the products and services you are producing come to the place it deserves in the market; we work together in cooperation with you with our expert team.

We are not limited to products and services produced in a particular country or region in our domestic and foreign trade activities; in addition, we are also performing many activities as; domestic purchasing and sales operations, import, export, transit trade, structuring distribution channels in domestic and foreign markets, taking part in joint ventures, investing in various projects, besides responding to dynamic market conditions & emerging opportunities and we guide all of our customers and supplier partners in line with changing trends.

We believe that; absolute honesty and business ethics are the corner stone of success for all types and sizes of business. This is not difficult, just a matter of choice. We perform any work, if it is possible to do only with this choice.

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